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Clover is an unofficial fast app for browsing the imageboard

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Clover on F-Droid

Clover is available on F-Droid, the free and open-source software app repository for Android Apps.
F-Droid makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of app updates.
F-Droid does not require root.

Steps to install:
  • Enable your device to install downloaded APKs in order to install F-Droid. Go to Settings > Security > and enable the "Unknown sources" checkbox. Accept the warning by pressing OK.
    Note: F-Droid is safe to use because all F-Droid apps are free and open-source.
  • Download the F-Droid APK and install it.
  • Start F-Droid and wait for the repository to sync, this can take up to 3 minutes.
  • Search for Clover in the F-Droid app or click this link from your phone's browser and download the latest version.

You will receive notifications about new versions of Clover automatically.


Clover APK releases signed by the author can be found at GitHub releases.

It's recommended to download Clover with F-Droid to get automatic updates!


Clover is a free project and has no advertisements. I do not make any money of Clover apart from donations.

Donate to aid the development of Clover. Donating helps to keep development alive and motivates me to work on the project.

Donate using PayPal:

PayPal takes 2.9% + $0.30 USD

Donate using Bitcoin:

This is a list of all the donations I have received since January 2016. Enter a name in the optional name field when using PayPal to be credited on the donors list. "Anonymous" is credited otherwise.

Name Type Date Amount PayPal 2016/10/17 $121.00
Convert to Islam PayPal 2016/10/05 $100.12
For your autism PayPal 2016/03/08 $40.00
Anonymous PayPal 2017/01/02 $25.00
alex PayPal 2016/01/21 $25.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/06/18 $20.00
Rin is my waifu PayPal 2016/01/29 $16.00
Autist PayPal 2016/01/18 $15.76
Anonymous PayPal 2017/04/07 $10.00
Anonymous PayPal 2017/03/28 $10.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/06/28 $10.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/01/18 $10.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/01/18 $10.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/10/06 $8.00
phozon PayPal 2016/07/12 $6.66
Anonymous PayPal 2016/04/03 $6.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/01/18 $5.21
Anonymous PayPal 2017/03/28 $5.01
Anonymous PayPal 2017/02/28 $5.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/01/18 $5.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/10/02 $5.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/12/09 $5.00
chicken tendie money :^) PayPal 2017/01/02 $4.20
Anonymous Bitcoin 2016/01/28 $4.00
Adolf Bauer PayPal 2016/06/20 $4.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/09/04 $3.70
Anonymous PayPal 2016/01/18 $3.33
Anonymous Bitcoin 2016/01/31 $3.25
qt PayPal 2017/02/10 $3.14
Jaizu PayPal 2016/10/01 $3.00
adrianopol PayPal 2016/12/10 $3.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/01/18 $2.20
Anonymous PayPal 2016/12/31 $2.50
Anonymous PayPal 2017/03/26 $2.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/04/09 $2.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/01/18 $2.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/01/15 $2.00
A fag PayPal 2016/01/18 $1.05
Anonymous PayPal 2016/10/01 $1.00
Anonymous PayPal 2016/10/07 $1.00